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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been hiring 4WD to locals and visitors for over 20 years and in that time we’ve been asked a lot of questions. We’ve compiled the most popular to help you when planning your trip to Fraser Island: 

Q. Do I Need Travel Insurance?

A: We strongly encourage all of our customers to have travel insurance. Please remember to check your insurance coverage that it includes 4WD hire and driving offroad. 

Q: Do you need a 4WD to drive on Fraser Island?

A: Access to Fraser Island is by 4WD vehicle only. All wheel drive or SUV vehicles are not suitable. Our fleet of automatic 4WD vehicles are perfect to get you off road and exploring this magical place. 

Of course if you don’t want to drive a 4WD you can always look into a guided tour or a custom guided tour with our sister company Fraser Experience Tours. 

Q. What Are The Drivers Licence Requirements For Hiring A Vehicle?

A: All customers who plan on driving the 4WD hire vehicle must be over 21 years of age. They must have an open licence with minimum of 2 years driving experience. International travelers must have a current international licence. 

Q: Where are your 4WD Hire vehicles based? 

A: Hervey Bay. Our office is located in the Fraser Coast Airport Precinct and there is plenty of street parking for your vehicle to stay while you are away exploring Fraser Island. Our office is conveniently close to the ferry landing being less than 15 minutes drive from there.

Hervey Bay is located approximately 287 km from Brisbane - 3.5 to 4 hours drive.  

Q: How long does the ferry take to get to the island?

A: The ferry takes approximately 45 minutes, departing from River Heads (Hervey Bay), arriving at Wanggoolba Creek or Kingfisher Bay Resort. Click here to find out more information, and to view the ferry schedule.

Q. What time do we need to be at your office for our pre-departure safety briefing and collect the hire vehicle?

A: We require you at our office 2 hours prior to your planned ferry departure time. This will allow enough time fo the pre-departure safety briefing, itinerary building and to pack your car to head off to the Ferry landing. 

If you are planning to take a early ferry you will need to come into our office the afternoon before the day you plan to travel (this applies to the 6.45am and 8.30am car ferry)

Q: I’m a very experienced off road driver, do I need to do the pre-departure safety briefing? 

A: Yes, this is a requirement of our terms and conditions for all customers wishing to drive the hire vehicle on Fraser Island. The briefing details our hire contract terms & conditions, gives you a suggested itinerary to get the most from your trip, provides you with current information about Fraser Island driving conditions and weather. We’ll also give you the top tips to handle the sandy tracks on Fraser Island from our team of experts. 

Q: What Payment Options Are Available?

A: Safari 4wd Hire accepts Australian Cash, Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express), and Debit Card for payment. Please remember a valid credit card (not debit card) is required for your vehicle security

Q: Is It Hard To 4wd On Fraser Island?

A: Not at all!  When the owners first started the business they had never even driven off road! Please remember that are all off-road and unsealed and can be very bumpy. We always recommend to just take it easy and remember the tips in the pre-departure briefing and you will do just fine! Be warned though - once you’ve visited Fraser Island once you will want to come back again for more!

Q: Where can I drive on Fraser Island

A: All hire companies renting vehicles going onto Fraser Island have restrictions on where you can and cannot drive on Fraser Island.

The most common is no driving on the western side of Fraser Island, also some of the approach roads to the western side may be of limits.

No travel north of The Champagne Pools and no travel south of Dilli Village.

These can change and more restrictions may be added as conditions change and or advise given by Queensland Parks and Wildlife regarding track conditions.

Q:Will tide times effect when I can drive on the Eastern Beach

You can drive 3 hours either side of low tide on the eastern beach, these times may be less due changes in conditions, so it is important to plan your trip to allow for this. Travel after dark is not permited on K'Gari (formely Fraser Island) by rental companies. Allow for tides and daylight hours when booking your accommodation on the Eastern side of K'Gari.

Q: What are our office hours

Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm

Saturday 8am to 11am and 1pm to 5pm

Sunday 8am to 11am and 1pm to 4pm


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